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RED is dedicated to keeping people out of the criminal justice system

RED is a non-profit and restorative justice organization founded by Atlanta based attorney, David Lee Windecher.

David, an established business man, community leader, author and activist founded RED based on the life lessons he learned throughout his journey of 13 arrests and 7 months of incarceration.

David witnessed and understands the very real racial thrust in the American criminal justice system and how it prevents African Americans and Hispanics within the system from achieving the same redemptive opportunities he himself had achieved. These observations brought with them a strong sense of injustice and a deep desire for change. He resolved to use any future successes he achieved to combat that racial thrust by providing opportunities for society’s other lost children. From this passion and experience, the blueprint for RED was born.

RED is dedicated to keeping people out of the criminal justice system — permanently — through programs that enhance the social, financial and civic literacy of nonviolent youths referred to court.

The collective mission is to positively contribute to the criminal justice reform movement by standing guard on the front lines of the battle, nurturing the leadership potential in the youths that cross the courts’ path. Therefore, holding the legal community accountable for adverse conduct against these individuals and raising awareness of the historical issues in American jurisprudence and the current solutions that are being implemented around our nation. RED leaders are continuing to form alliances with contemporary community and government leaders who are working collectively toward creating a sustainable landscape of equal opportunity for all Americans.

Program Details

About RED

RED works with prosecuting officials who together refer eligible individuals into the comprehensive program. Individuals are chosen based on offense(s) charged, previous criminal history and other variables including if a victim was involved in the crime. 


David Windecher founded RED in March of 2015. RED is a domestic non-profit 501c(3) corporation based in Atlanta Georgia.

RED administers a 12-month restorative justice curriculum that is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to leave the court system and reenter society as thriving members of the community.