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The AmerIcan Dream

HisStory In The Making

David is a best-selling author. He chronicled his life’s journey of transitioning from defendant to defense attorney in an inspirational autobiography – The AmerIcan Dream | HisStory In The Making. David published his autobiography in May of 2015 to portray the difficulty of obtaining the American dream as an impoverished minority who was arrested 13 times and spent over 7-months incarcerated. David dropped out of high school and joined a criminal street gang in an attempt to overcome his poverty-stricken life.

David began his path to self-rehabilitation when he received his GED in March of 1998 and took his first step toward becoming a dual-licensed practitioner. 

Defendant to Defense Attorney

The AmerIcan Dream

HisStory In The Making

The AmerIcan Dream
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Street Gang Expert

David’s experience as a former affiliated member of a well-renowned criminal street gang was the catalyst for his ability to testify as a criminal street gang expert for defense attorneys. The Georgia Court of Appeals, in Lopez v. State (A19A0527), reversed Lopez’s convictions for violating Georgia’s Criminal Street Gang and Terrorism Prevention Act due to the trial court judge finding that David was not qualified to testify as an expert witness on the subject of criminal street gangs. The Court of Appeals ruled that the trial court abused its discretion by excluding David’s testimony as a gang expert. In its decision, the Court of Appeals stated, “The law permits expert testimony on gang culture and gang activities generally, and based on the witness’s qualifications, [David] should have been able to testify on that subject.” 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each copy of The AmerIcan Dream | HisStory in the Making are donated to the restorative justice non-profit organization Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED). 

About the Book

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THE AMERICAN DREAM is an inspiring account of a young man’s journey from defendant to defense attorney. David Lee Windecher’s autobiography presents a rare window into the underground workings of one of Miami’s most notorious drug rings, and a chilling depiction of the streets that America’s poverty-stricken youth call home.

The hood is an addiction. An addiction that pulls as seductively and fiercely as the drugs hustled on its streets. Living in it is a daily exercise in survival.

Raised impoverished in the streets of Miami, David Lee Windecher was only eleven years old when he was first arrested for shoplifting. Stealing out of desperation to feed his family, Windecher believed he took what he deserved. That day, David started thinking like a hustler. He no longer waited for the scales to tip in his favor. That day, Windecher learned he could simply take what life denied him.

For the next seven years, David battled bitterly against his circumstances at the side of his gang-affiliated brothers. What started as grave measures to feed his family of six turned into a criminal lifestyle racked with violence, drugs, and money. David lost himself on the streets. He joined a gang, sold dope, built and masterminded a crime ring and was arrested 13 times.

Despite living a life of crime, deep inside of David, an idealistic boy still dreamed of becoming an attorney and fighting for justice for all. He was just waiting for someone to believe he existed…

*A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each copy of The AmerIcan Dream | HisStory in the Making are donated to the restorative justice non-profit organization Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (dba RED).

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